The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids provides a wonderful opportunity to open their horizons, have fun together and bond as a family. But it can also be a complete nightmare with too little sleep, too many bags, hungry tummies, tired legs and long travel time. Need we say more? But don’t let this put you off travelling with tots. Take these simple ‘precautions’ to prevent a family holiday from hell.

Stick with the stroller

It may be heavy or bulky, but taking a stroller along with you is much more pleasant than dealing with little ones whose little legs aren’t accustomed to long walks during the day (often while battling jetlag).

Be ready for a snack attack

Especially when travelling abroad, you might not find the snacks your kids are accustomed to eating and they may turn their noses up at the street vendor’s fare. Be sure to bring nonperishable, easy-to-pack snacks with you and keep them on hand at all times.

Fly during the day

 Yes, this may ‘waste’ a day of the holiday, but flying at night means that it’s easier to get over jet lag faster and doesn’t disrupt sleeping patterns as much.

Plan longer stays in one location

More moving around means longer travelling hours, more disrupted sleep, more packing and unpacking. Rather than hop from place-to-place, find somewhere that you can stay for a longer period of time.

Avoid a choc-a-block itinerary

When travelling with kids, make sure you give yourself enough time for each activity. There will be bathroom breaks, tired legs and general meltdowns, so don’t put pressure on your family to do too much at once. Rather make time for the activities you really want to do and enjoy them to the full.

Make time for down time

You don’t need to be rushing around every minute of the day. Take time to relax, sneak in some sleep so that your kids (and you!) feel refreshed before tackling a new activity.

Above all, remember that you’re on holiday and you’re there to enjoy it. Things will go wrong, plans may not work out, but it’s a unique opportunity to spend some with your kids, so make the most of it and don’t sweat the small stuff.





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