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Belgium is the country that is most associated with waffles, however, it is believed that the recipe for making waffles originated somewhere in the Mediterranean. Every region of Belgium has its own special recipes for the batter-based flat cake we so adore!


The shaping of a waffle has come a long way. This is what the first plates looked like, thought of by a creative Belgian Iron Smith, after being a bit bored with the flatness of the flat cakes but not the batter.

Today we enjoy the ever so popular waffle with mountains of different toppings ranging from fruit to nuts, syrups and sprinkles of all kinds not excluding gummy sweets and smarties with variations of ice cream, cream and even yoghurt to compliment them in the shape of a bunch of little squares within one distinctive square.


If you are up for making your own waffles at home but don’t have a waffle pan Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for making waffles on a griddle pan! A griddle pan gives your waffles a nice rustic look and leaves more room for imagination and fun with serving your scrumptious creations.

I myself recently used my square pancake pan and the whole family enjoyed flat waffles as much as they would the squares. The Waffle stands tall as a dessert treat but can also serve as a yummy breakfast and is even considered a full meal…from savoury to sweet.


Now I bet you’re wondering where you can find the BEST WAFFLES IN JHB!

Check out the waffles joints below for when you feel like a treat:

Aarya | Montecasino

Aarya is run by South Africa’s first MasterChef SA winner, Deena Naidoo.

Deena Naidoo’s restaurant, Aarya, in Montecasino’s Sun Square Hotel, serves traditional American-style, thick and crispy waffles during the week for breakfast, and all day over weekends. Standard toppings include syrups, strawberries, seasonal fresh and dried fruits, and any quirky topping you might like to suggest. The waffles are cooked right there in the open kitchen.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Montecasino’s vibrant Outdoor Piazza.

Deena decided to name the restaurant in honour of his 10-year old daughter – the apple of his eye – who in turn was given the name for its Sanskrit meaning, which is noble, kind, honourable, dear, and favourable, and is considered to be a respectful way of addressing women.

Aarya’s passion is seen throughout his restaurant and especially in the plating of his dishes.


Tel | 011 557 7007

Email |


Von Pickartz Belgian Waffles | JHB City Centre

Traditional Liège, a city in Belgium, waffles made from a 170-year-old secret family recipe. The only place in SA where you are going to find the REAL Liège waffle…Von-der-ful!

Liège waffles are made with yeast to provide lift. Brioche dough provides a fluffy and light waffle with that unmistakable yeasty croissant flavour. Their waffles start at R30 each, onto which you can build by adding toppings. The original Belgian is dusted simply with icing sugar, but to accommodate our South African sense of flair, they offer fresh strawberries and cream; salted caramel; Nutella; seasonal fruit; and the very popular butter and fresh cream.




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The Moody Cow Gelato & Coffee Co. | Clearwater Mall

This is what they call Geliscious! We agree!


From a Classic Rectangular to a Chocolate Challenge, the waffle stick and a waffle taco each with different toppings and add-on’s, you are sure to find more than one of these will become a favourite, or try a different one each time – the options of deliciousness are endless!

Their menu is simply rigged for your every desire. Even some for the savory toothed.

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Let’s Waffle Away!

Lalage RouxMarais
Lalage RouxMarais

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