South African Celebs Reveal Their Best Beauty Tips


These familiar faces are also beautiful ones – how do they do it? Read on for beauty tips from our very own South Africa stunners.

LeAnne Dlamini

Did you know that this award-winning songwriter, singer, wife and mother is also certified make-up guru?

Le-Anne’s ‘best kept beauty secret’ is Clarins Flash Beauty Balm, a serum that one applies to the skin before applying foundation (and when it comes to this step, LeAnne recommends mixing foundation with skin cream for a perfect tinted moisturizer).

Le-Anne’s sexy contours are not only limited to her rocking body, but she also has been contouring her nose using makeup for years, a trend that has recently caught on in the makeup world.

Tumi Voster

This 25-year-old 5 FM radio DJ believes that ‘less is more’ and suggests taking a break from makeup when you can to allow your skin to breathe.

Her secret to extra luscious lashes is always adding an extra coat of mascara to make them look fuller and longer.

Nomzamo Mbatha

Star of local film, Tell Me Sweet Something, Nonzamo uses rosewater as toner for two nights of the week. Rosewater has been proven to tone oily skin, sooth sensitive skin, reduce acne, calm sunburn and repair ageing skin.

As for the best beauty advice she’s ever received? Nonzamo will never, ever (ever!) go to bed with makeup on. She admits that she also has those nights when face-washing seems like a daunting task, so she keeps Neutrogena facial wipes at hand.

She also has a simple zit-buster – bicarb! If Nonzamo has a pesky pimple, she dabs some bicarbonate of soda on it before going to bed, and swears that when she wakes up the next morning that the pimple is reduced or gone completely.

Gina Myers

This Elizabeth Arden ambassador and makeup artist to the stars has worked with many international and local faces (even Trevor Noah’s!).

Gina has a few tricks up her sleeve to beat the heat – on a hot day or under warm lights, she dabs antiperspirant on the edge of her forehead to help her face stay matte. She also carries a mini battery-operated fan with her for hot days on set, and always carries her good quality makeup brushes.

The stars’ secrets are out, and there’s no excuse not to give yourself the celeb treatment!


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