Smartphone Sun-Safe: How to Prevent your Phone from Overheating

At the beach, by the dam, on the boat, next to the pool… Wherever you’re enjoying the heat, your phone is likely alongside you. We’re attached to these little devices of ours, but that also means that they can be exposed to conditions they’re not made for. Fun in the sun is often not so fun for your phone, which can become overheated and damaged as a result. Just like your skin, you need to take precautions to prevent long-term damaging effects.

Here are some tops tips to keep your phone cool on those hot, summer days:

Give it a rest – the more you use your phone, the harder it has to work and the hotter it becomes. Close down your Whatsapp, and stop the Instagram and Facebook scrolling for a while so that the internal lights and other mechanics can take a break.

  1. Go naked – remove the phone from its case when you’re in a hot environment to prevent it from holding in extra heat.
  2. Close your apps when you’re not using them – this will save you both precious battery life and prevent your cellphone from becoming overheated.
  3. Turn down your screen brightness. The screen light is one of the most intensive uses of the phone, so turning down the brightness setting can be a life-saver.
  4. The catch with turning down screen brightness is that you need it most when you’re out and about in the sun. To get around this, buy a glare screen which will help you see the screen better in bright light and allow you to keep your screen brightness settings on low.
  5. An obvious one – find some shade for your phone and never let it lie out in direct sunlight. You can even get your phone its own hat, which it can sit under to keep cool.

When your phone reaches a certain temperature, it will simply turn off to prevent damage to the phone (or even the battery exploding). However, some damage may have occurred before it even got to this point, so be sun-safe with your phone so that it can continue being your summertime companion.


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