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SAMA’s 2017 Best Dressed Men and Women Celebs

SAMA 2017

Female Celeb Fashion Dominates Award Ceremonies

As far as fashion goes at award ceremonies such as last month’s 23rd SAMA Award Ceremony, most of the attention is given to the female celebrities – and rightly so as they strike it hot most of the time and have been dominating these events for years – they naturally get the best dressed celebrity accolades like there is no tomorrow.

We loved the riskay look that LootLove was wearing, glossy black leather dress with a red lining. Statement earrings and enough visible leg to light a fire in any man’s eye.

Another special mention needs to go out to Kim Jayde, who looked like royalty in her sheath blue dress, equipped with a sexy high neck.

But What About the Men?

I think we would all agree that there are not many men that can wear green and pull it off… Well, look no further than Cassper Nyovest that rocked a green tux with a Chinese collar neck. Well executed Cassper!

So What Are Men’s Fashion Trends These Days

At the SAMA Awards this year, as mentioned before not many male brands or trends were mentioned or visible in the media – yet the woman was splashed everywhere.

As written by Natalie Williams, times are changing and we are very lucky that some of the 2016 trends spilled over into 2017 making it easier on the pocket and exciting to mix and match old with new.

Among the top trends noticed on runways seem indicate that old favourites remain but with a new slant.  Retro sportswear is still in there, albeit more subdued colour-wise. Checks are also here to stay, especially in muted grey or neutral. Neutrals take on a more top-to toe look.

As opposed to skinny jeans (which won’t go away-yeah!) there is also a trend towards wide leg trousers as a more relaxed way of dressing. Vertical stripes were also seen all over the runways.

And don’t get rid of your bombers – Athleisure is still alive and well. Printed T-shirts have been with us for quite a while and a strong rave theme is currently emerging. Also, don’t be afraid to wear some florals if you’re a gent, they are a summer staple this year. Think short-sleeved, open with a natural T-shirt and light coloured chino’s…

Looks like the over shirt look is still rocking the runways, the, minimum one pocket outfit just never seems to get tired in the fashionistas eyes!

Somizi Mhlongo Co-Hosted The Sama Awards This Year With Tumi Morake, And Blew Us Away With His Fashion Outfits Throughout The Show

I suppose it’s a bit unfair towards other men who do not feel as comfortable in the “swarve” outfits Somizi rocked during the show. Although some of the men did dress super sexy wearing cool long jackets and bling shirts – some did not even wear a shirt underneath an open jacket.

If women can showcase beautiful cleavages, the men can show off their shiny six-packs and still look dressed to kill. It’s only fair we get some eye-candy as well.

The hosts and all show participants were styled by The Threadman who did an amazing job keeping to the SAMA theme “The Future Is Hear”. In styling the hosts they took traditional elements and made them modern, creating a luxurious African feel. They were also hugely inspired by the city of Durban.

More Than A Male Fashion Icon Somizi Launched His Published Memoir, Dominoe’s – Unbreakable Spirit, This Week

Somizi talks about a medical diagnosis and how he dealt with it. This article gives us a good insight into his psyche at the time, check it out here.

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Lalage RouxMarais

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