Real books or e-books? The pros and cons unpacked…

Many book lovers find themselves conflicted between e-books and real books. E-readers can certainly be more convenient, but one can’t deny the sense of nostalgia and pleasure associated with holding a book in your hands. If you’re grappling with a similar decision, here are some pros of both.

The pros of real books

  • Many people find the smell and feel of a book comforting – there’s something to holding a book in hand, turning the pages, and taking it to bed with you
  • Your favourite books can be displayed in shelves or the library, reminding you of the best books you’ve read and encouraging those who see them to give them a read
  • You can buy second-hand books relatively easily, saving a lot of money. With e-books, however, there’s no such thing as a second-hand copy
  • They’re easy to share and lend to friends
  • If you’re not entirely enjoying the book you’re reading, you’re able to skim through the pages quickly to see how it ends
  • You can read in the bath without having to worry about short-circuiting the book if it happens to dunk in the water

The pros of e-readers

  • It’s easier to find the specific book you want online – you don’t need to go to a bookstore or wait for delivery to have the book you want to read right now in your hands instantly
  • E-books are usually cheaper to buy, especially the latest releases that you aren’t able to find at a second-hand book store
  • Many of the classics (those that have entered the public domain) are free on Kindle.
  • E-readers are very portable and light – allowing you to effectively carry 100s of books with you on one small, light device. This is especially helpful when travelling
  • It’s also easier to use an e-reader while standing, such as when on public transport
  • You don’t need lots of physical storage space to keep all your books

So which will it be?

We say… why choose? You can get an e-reader for travel, transit, and easy access to the latest titles, but there’s no need to neglect the good old book.




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