Being able to draw comes naturally to a select few, but the good news is that it’s a skill that can also be learnt with the right technique and careful practice.

Here are some simple tips to follow to get you started.

Set up your space

Find a room that is properly lit with adequate natural light. It should also be comfortable and well-ventilated. Try putting on some music to help you focus, relax and get into a creative mood.

Approach with a positive attitude and reassure yourself that this is something you can do, with a little practice of course.

Get kitted out

Buying your new art supplies is half the fun, and will inspire you to give them a whirl. Visit your local art shop, where the assistant should also be able to give you some good advice as to which supplies you need.


What to draw?

Drawing from a still life or photograph is a good place to start. The simpler, the better. It also helps to draw something you’re interesting in or passionate about to get you inspired.


Devil’s in the details

As your start drawing, focus on the image as a whole rather than on the tiny details, Start by getting your proportions and scale before honing in on smaller details. Aim to draw less, not more.

Practice, practice, practice

As with most new skills, practice makes perfect. Carry your sketchbook with you everywhere – this means that as soon as inspirations tried, you have the tools at hand to get going. And instead of scrolling endlessly through old Facebook posts in the waiting room, whip out your notepad and pencil and get sketching.


Sign up for classes

If you need extra motivation and guidance, why not sign up for a weekly art class? This will give some routine to your new hobby and you’ll benefit from the attention of the teacher, who will be able to offer further hints and tips to help you hone your skills.


Remember that learning to draw is always a work in progress – you may find that as you improve, your style will change as you find your own unique artistic voice.


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