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History’s Greatest Male Style Icons

History’s Greatest Male Style Icons

Need a little bit of wardrobe inspiration? We are here to help with our selection of some of history’s greatest style icons.

James Dean

As one of the most iconic actors to ever live, James Dean’s image has become symbolic of youthful rebellion. His style can be defined as both simple and elegant, making use of woolen sports jackets, khaki trousers, long overcoats, lightly colored button-up shirts and plain whit t-shirts.

Steve McQueen

McQueen’s bad boy attitude and exciting style have helped him earn his place in the history books. With a mixture of polo necks, blazers, double denim, waistcoats and leather jackets, Steven McQueen is a great name to search for style inspiration.

Johnny Depp

Some people follow trends and some people set them, Johnny Depp is an expert trendsetter. Men the world over look to him for style inspiration and it’s no surprise because the man knows how to dress. Depp mixes jeans with hats, bracelets, necklaces and boots with bandanas, rings, t-shirts and blazers for a look that people remember, making him a go-to for style tips.

Pharrell Williams

Another fantastic example of a trendsetter, Pharrell’s style is unique to say the least, aside from his iconic hat, the rapper taps into street style using bold jackets like Adidas track jackets, denim jeans, sweatshirts and cardigans. He also does formal wear unlike anyone else, often going for cropped tuxedo shorts paired with sneakers and bowties.

Marlon Brando

Brando’s style is classified as charming, timeless and norm breaking. He knew how to do casual cool right. Vintage pictures show Marlon Brando sporting white or striped t-shirts, leather jackets, folded jeans, overcoats, jerseys and trainers or boots.

Andre 3000

The legendary performer Andre 3000 is absolutely one to watch when it comes to fashion and style. Once again denim is a staple part of his wardrobe, mixing in stylish suits and blazers with colored trousers, suspenders, hats, ties, bowties, leather jackets and converse shoes.

Idris Elba

Not only is Idris Elba one of today’s best actors, he is also one of the most stylish men on the planet. His wardrobe includes statement overcoats, sleek and well fitting suits paired with sneakers, denim jackets, jeans, golf shirts, hats and ties. His classy look setting him apart from others in the entertainment industry, Idris Elba is one to watch for inspiration.


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