David John – One of Johannesburg’s Best Professional Makeup Artists

Renowned for his talent David John, one of Johannesburg’s most loved makeup artists affectionately renamed and known as just a cool “DJ”, can transform a person into someone or something completely different, whether it’s for beauty, costume or just for the sake of art.

Wedding Bliss

David is renowned for his Bridal makeup which of course has an entourage of bride’s maids, mom’s and aunts who also want to look fantastic on the day. David is sooo up to the task.

Never mind his awesome talent, he has also gained extensive experience through his international travels, which surely adds to the bride’s wonderful experience in having David transform them with the latest trends in mind.

“Spectacular Spectacular” – Want To Look Simply Your Best At The Matric Dance?

With a ton of matric dances taking place just around the corner it is exciting to know that David John does “spectacular” matric dance makeup. You need to book fast though.

Contact David John here:

And The Most Fantastic News Is … One-Stop Experience
David moved into his new studio within Carlton Hair at Hyde Park Corner – now a one-stop hair, nail and makeup studio at your fingertips. No need to shop around. Us girls just love that!
With David John operating from Hyde Park corner you not only get the convenience of hair, makeup and nails, but also the most amazing variety of stores within Hyde Park Corner, Africa’s center of luxury.

Here Are Some Exquisite Stores To Visit To Get It All Done – No Matter What The Special Occasion

  • Cottage Flowers – Self-explanatory – Just the best!
  • Charles Greg Jewellers – Frost yourself!
  • Luminance – International sought-after clothing brands for all fabulous genders.
  • Apsley House – For luxurious home décor.
  • Thomas Pink – Men’s wear.
  • BonAmi – Men’s Wear.
  • And many more top International brands…

I won’t even start on gifting. Hyde Park Corner is your Oyster….

If You Are Thinking I Am Listening – I’m Really Just Doing Your Makeup In My Head – Ha-Ha-Ha

If this is you… then DJ’s professional makeup class is just your thing. I mean really…. with David John’s International experience traveling often and picking up the latest trends as well as doing International makeup abroad, where else would you rather go?!

Two Hour Class And You Are Set

Like with any form of art, it takes quite a bit of studying and practice, but with DJ’s 2 hour makeup class experience, you walk away with your own makeup book, covering skin care and “How To” live with your newly discovered face and makeup skills helping you master the beautiful, colourful you!

Girls Day Out – Great Idea As A Gift – Makeup Lesson

We often have a girlfriend in need of spoiling, whether it be her birthday, a special day, or a pick-me-up intervention….so…. get her a makeup voucher from David John – International Makeup, but not just that, join as a group and make it a fantastic girl bonding experience with all the flavor of being a girl. #don’tforgetaboutmomandhergirlfriends

And that’s not all – the packaging and presentation of the voucher will be styled specially around your request and a notice period of only 48 hours is required to fulfill your order. Smashing!!!

Lalage RouxMarais
Lalage RouxMarais

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