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Dabble in the Decade – How to Bring Back the 90’s

Love ‘em or hate ‘em the 90’s have made a reappearance in the fashion world. If you’re keen to get in on the trend, do so with caution to add a contemporary feel and prevent looking like you’ve just a fallen from a time machine.

Here are six ways to bring the decade back with flair:

  1. The faded denim jacket

 A light wash denim is classic 90’s style, but make sure not to double-dose with a faded denim top and bottom.  Pair a faded denim jacket with darker jeans, and try wearing the jacket over a hoodie for a more modern look. To keep things classy, avoid jackets with too much detailing and stitching.

  1. The Doc Martens

Doc Marten boots are a must for your 90’s look. Try them with faded jeans (without the jacket… remember!) or modern cropped trousers. Just keep them far away from the ‘jorts’ (jean shorts) so that you don’t end up looking like a washed-up 90’s bad boy.

  1. The logo T

Flaunt your brand of choice with a logo across the T-shirt chest – Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, surf brands… whichever label you choose, just make sure your T-shirt screams it loud and proud.

  1. The flannel shirt

 Go full-on lumberjack style with a flannel shirt, or try something different and go sleeveless. A flannel with faded jeans is super 90’s, but this era’s shirt and jeans are more form-fitting rather than the 90’s’ baggy basics.

  1. The classic sneakers

 Sneakers are back in a big way, so if there was a particular sneaker you liked back in the day, chances are that there’s a contemporary release of it. And the classic All-Star sneaker hasn’t even changed much since its 90’s days. Maybe you even still have a pair from then?

  1. The active jacket

In particular, the Adidas track jacket was a 90’s stalwart, making an appearance on celebrities from rappers to boy bands. Sporty but stylish, the jacket looks good with jeans or chinos.

When it comes to bringing back the 90’s, the key is to avoid doing it all at once. Mix up a 90’s classic with contemporary clothing to avoid a full throwback.



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