A braai surprise – 6 things you never knew you could grill

Wors, chops, steak, mielies, garlic bread… sound like a Saturday braai to you? As delicious as these grilled staples are, there’s more that meets the ‘braai’. Here are some ideas to shake up your traditional braai food and surprise your friends next time they kuier.


Try some cheese

Nope, we’re not talking about braai broodjies or grilled cheese sandwiches – have you ever tried skipping the boring bread altogether and grilling actual cheese? Of course, soft cheeses such as camembert, blue cheese, brie and some cheddars will simply melt away, but harder cheeses or cheese with a rind work like a dream. Try thick slices of halloumi for an easy, cheesy winner.


Lettuce give it a go

Vegetables can be neglected on the grill. Even if you have tried veggie kebabs, grilled lettuce is likely to be a new one. Take a head of butter lettuce or romaine lettuce, cut it in half and brush it with olive oil. It chars quickly on the grill and is delicious when dunked into a dressing.


Pass the pizza

Get some ready-made pizza bases (or make your own), brush it with olive oil and grill over a medium-low heat. Flip it over, then add any toppings of choice. Simply grill until the base is cooked and the cheese on top has melted.


Ace the avos

Grilling an avocado takes it’s creaminess to a whole new level, adding a smoky flavour. Cut an avocado in half, remove the pit and place the cut side down on the grill for a few minutes until it’s slightly charred.


Braai the bacon

Bacon is the best, and grilling it takes it to a whole new level of salty and smoky deliciousness. Place the rashers on the braai, and turn and cook them as you would in a pan on the stove. They can be eaten on buttered bread as a starter, chopped up for a salad or top a potato. Chances are you’ll end up eating it before it even gets there!

Braais need not be boring so have fun and experiment with your new grill greatness.


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