Summer 2018 – 5 Instagrammers to Follow for Fashion Trends

This photo sharing app “Instagram” which none of us really understood the use of, as it only seemed to post one photograph at a time because we have just gotten used to Facebook and thought Instagram to be just another phase in the new area of Social Media launched in 2010… In 2017, we do understand what the fuss is about … It is not just a selfie fest!

We live in a visual world. This app allows us a sneak visual peek behind the scenes of someone’s life but also allows us to personally follow creatives and trendsetters. You get pics of their cats and what they themselves eat daily, yet intertwined you get updated instantly on the latest fashion trends by our beloved fashion Instagrammers. Many of them also run a blog which you can access directly from Instagram if they strike your fancy and you would like to see more than the one amazing photograph posted on Instagram, opening up your world of fashion.

With the help of a few of my more fashion-inclined friends, we have pinned down some of South Africa’s best Fashion Instagrammers you should follow if you need your daily fix of fashion or just need to catch up at some stage when planning a new shopping spree, and need some inspiration as I often do.

Lizzy Naude – @lissiloves_instagram 

Lizzy doesn’t only give you a sense of her chic style, but she also travels and incorporates this into her feed. Travel and fashion…. score!


Margaret Zang @Margaret_Zang

My friend Melisandy adores Margaret Zang. In the November issue of Elle South Africa  #TheGreatEscape, Insta-obsession, Margaret Zhang’s top 5 fashion Instagram looks is featured. It is said that her innate and minimalist sense of style is shaping the fashion industry.


Amy Scheepers – @amy_scheepers

Amy is a favourite local fashionista. Not only does this girl have an amazing fashion sense but she is also a remarkable photographer. You will get serious with envy whenever you see her pictures.


Leanne – @arumlilea

Leanne is the best-dressed law student ever. She’s as passionate about fashion as she is about her chosen career.


Nicolette Mason – @nicolettemason

Premme was born out of a love of fashion and the frustration with it. They believe that style should not be limited or compromised because of our bodies. OG plus-size fashion editors & bloggers have seen this industry evolve. Premme is about taking risks, making a statement, and having fun.


Stevie French – @steviefrenchsa 

This is also one of my friends Melisandy’s fave Insta’s. Stevie dresses so well, she is an actress, loves selfies and is very active on Twitter. Definitely a must-follow in the world of entertainment and fashion for the more luscious woman.

Stevie French is a South African television presenter and sound engineer best known for hosting the SABC1 shows The Ster-Kinekor Show and The Media Career Guide Show.

She was also a presenter on CliffCentral.

After working as a news anchor for the Fox Network in America, Stevie returned to South Africa in 2014 and landed a role in SABC1’s Ihawu playing Catherine Pickering.

In 2016 she was one of the six divas featured on the SABC3 docu-reality series Divas of Jozi and have been a rising star ever since Instagramming away.


Anna-Belle – @she_said 

Anna-Belle is a ball of positive energy. She donned fantastic purple hair at a stage, which sadly was coloured to brunette and then blonde recently. She has a very distinctive personal style and it comes across in all her pictures.


Irina Domanchuk – @irinadoman

Irina is gorgeous and looks like a million bucks no matter what. Her feed is pure fashion and beauty.

Trevor_Stuurman  –@trevor_stuurman

By documenting and curating his own (and others’) style, this photographer and filmmaker has created one of South Africa’s coolest street style feeds. On it you’ll find everything from edgy to quirky and alternative styles – all with a deep African influence.




Anne is a PR girl by day and Fashionista by night, she’s also been trying to explain to her mum how a smartphone works since 2001. Anne is a lover of grey skies, rainy days, shiny things, mascara and proper champers. She’s addicted to social media, documenting her entire life with photos and over-sharing with random strangers.

NewHipsterStyle, South Africa, 32.6k followers

Crystal Kasper’s style is edgy and high fashion. She has an affinity for layering with statement coats and jackets ranging from leather to cashmere. Expect a scrapbook of all her superior sartorial choices as she struts the streets of South Africa.


Raya Rossi – @thevisualjournal

Raya’s feed is filled with a quirky personal style combined with light-hearted selfies. She’s fun and carefree. What an inspiration! She LOVES great products!

Raya is my favourite!!! Which is yours?

Lalage RouxMarais
Lalage RouxMarais

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